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  • Flexible & Powerful

    • 3 Full Offices Throughout Central Florida
    • Rewarding Compensation Plans
    • The Tools to Help You Succeed
    • We set a tone that others follow. Why follow, when you can lead!
  • Professional Support

    • Full Service Real Estate Help
    • Amazing Marketing Tools To Help You
    • Regular Training Events, Coaching, and Video Learning
  • An Executive Approach

    Our offices are more than just a typical brokerage, we provide a wealth of experience, a large number of marketing tools, and we help you get the training to become the executive you aspire to be. Our compensation plans are rewarding, and our results speak for themselves. We take great pride in the excellent agents that work at Realty Executives.

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  • Philosophy

    Our Philosophy


    Our first duty is to all of our agents, and their customers. Because we recognize that, we provide a level of customer service other brokers won’t ever consider. We are not a one size fits all approach. We value the diversity of our amazing real estate agents. Our philosophy starts with you, and it’s how we help enable agents to become EXECUTIVES.

    We believe that the responsibility of selling real estate carries with it obligations far exceeding industry standards. We view the status quo of real estate in terms of methodology, strategy, and the results typically obtained as unacceptable. Therefore we have committed ourselves to a perpetual pursuit of excellence in every aspect of the services we provide. We have elevated the interests of our agents and their clients far above the normal standards of service found in your average brokerage.


    Our Mission

    To assure our convictions and standards are achieved and integrated in our work we have developed systems and processes to improve the quality of service. We have embraced rigidity in our personal and team standards. We have mandated the days and hours to be worked. We have exploited the advantages of being a team by demanding daily accountability, team assignments in personal skill development, special education, and adherence to team standards.

    The benefits of our philosophy must be tangible, measurable, and tremendously advantageous. As such, special attention is given to tracking and comparing our actual results. Through many years of both good and bad times we have come to a high degree of confidence in the value of our beliefs and the standards we adhere to. Our marketplace standing, team production and growth speak for itself. It is our hope that those we serve see the benefits as well.



    Our Tradition

    The Realty Executives brand, together with our agents and staff, are our company’s most valuable assets. It has taken many years of hard work and careful planning to create a culture that meets the highest standards time after time. Realty Executives carries a brand reputation, which resonates with customers to build trust and increase the effectiveness of our Executives (sales agents). The Realty Executives name represents a unique standard for our customers and inspires an unrivaled level of confidence. An “Executive” is perceived to be more than just an “Agent” by both our customers and the industry-at-large.

    Our Executives are perceived as:

    • Experienced
    • Knowledgeable
    • Professionals with integrity
    • Able to sell home faster for more money
    • Highly trained
    • Community and industry leaders
    • And more importantly — more trustworthy


Why Choose Us

  • 100% responsive to your needs.
    We want every EXECUTIVE, to be a leader – and we’ll help!
  • A Long-Term Vision
    We started as a single location, and today we have grown to 3 offices.
  • Knowledgeable Brokers.
    Our team has a broad depth of experience, and we make time to share that with you.
  • We care about you.
    Doing the right thing by you, is the only option in our book. Our loyalty to our agents is a great key to our success.
  • Ongoing Support
    A wealth of staff and tools that few other can compete with. Ask us about the advantages of being an EXECUTIVE!


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